Photo Tips

The photos you send for me to paint from must be your own photos and not professionally taken as that would infringe on the photographers copyright. 

Many of us take digital photos these days with our smart phones or our tablets. while often these can be very nice quality images, if you have access to one, a digital camera is a better choice to get a good detailed photo. The better the quality of the photo the easier to see the details. 

Much of my work involves pet portraits from photos here are some pet specific tips:

We often are looking down at our pets, this does not make for the best pose for a portrait. Get down to your pets level to take a photo. 

Straight on images tend to be boring, try and get a three quarters view of a pose that is typical of your pet. Zoom in to fill the viewfinder with the pet, frame the image you want painted. Take lots of photos.

Lighting is key to a good photo so take it outdoors or at a window. This is especially important for black or white pets. 

When emailing photos, send them full/original size.

Many of the portraits I have painted are in memory of pets that have passed. Often, there are limited photos, sometimes only printed film images. These can be sent through the regular mail and will be returned upon completion of the portrait.